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Chemistry is a section of science that is loved only by a separate sect of people while others love to get qualifying mark in this subject during the school days. However,an important file almost decides the structure of each and very artificial material that we use today and without the help of the presence of various chemical elements, we could even carry out our routineactivities in a comfortable way. Among the many availablechemical elements,the carbon occupies an important space because of its multiple utility in the life of even a common person. You can find carbon in various forms including their allotropes like Fullerenes that is often used in the area of research.

Properties of buckminsterfullerene

  • This is an allotrope of carbon resembling a circular shape like a volleyball and has about 60 carbon atoms present in it and so shortly called as C60.
  • This allotrope of carboncontains twenty hexagonal and twelve pentagonal structures bonded together with the help of carbon atoms thus making a shape, which is similar to a ball.
  • In most of the cases, it is extracted from soot and this allotrope is the best among naturally available form of carbon.

Physical and chemicalcharacteristics

I terms of physical properties it appears in the form of dark crystals and they are insoluble in water in normal conditions. If you need to buy Fullerenes with definitestandards then there is no need to worry about its availability. Because many firms produce them in proper form and you can avail an opportunity to contact them through online sites. In terms of chemical characteristics this elements is capable of withstanding aggressivesituations like high temperature and high pressure. They stay stable for a very long period when exposed to high temperature and pressure and sometimes the sides of the structure which is exposed to an external source may react in with some elements but this reaction do not bring any change in the shape or properties of the element. Get into the site to know an elongated information about it.

Areas of usage

  • This particular allotrope of carbon is finding a popularity in the area of radiotherapy recently.
  • In order to derive various successful treatments methods for cancer various researches are going in the filed of science and this C60 is acting as a study material in these kinds of research.
  • They are used in skin creams and lotions as a raw material.
  • This element also finds a place in various fields as an anti oxidant.
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