Find Different Types of valve actuators

A valve actuator is used as the mechanism of opening and closing a valve in its operation. In different types of valve actuators presence, people may find difficult to select the appropriate one. So discussing the categories in brief which is actually depends on power type applied and movement type needed. You will get different types in this official company website namely valve actuators and its sizes too.

Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators

Different types:

•    Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators: These are versatile in nature. It is used when electric power is unavailable. It is reliable too. These actuators uses cylinder coupled along with a technique which converts linear motion produced in cylinder to quarter turn movement. This mechanism is intentionally needed for operating valves respectively.  Here a multi turn output is needed in order to operate linear type valve like gate valves and fluid power actuators are enacted as a perfect solution. So if you use electric actuators for the valve types like pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are the options where you cannot find electricity in available state respectively. These actuators are widely offered in a consistent way by almost all the websites like valve actuators essentially.

•    Electric actuators: These valve types is used very commonly today and it is known to be dependable valves. These are very quick in its operation in case of large valves which are very capable too. They are very capable in operating any kind of valves which are especially single or 3 phase electric motor which drives both integration of level gears and spurs respectively. These  are very compactable and especially utilized commonly in small valves. As these electric actuators are having low power requirements. Even though, these actuators are configured along with power supply like battery for operating it safely without fail respectively.

•    Manual actuators – Manual actuators are the most commonly used actuators as it is very less cost expensive compared to the above discussed actuators. It utilized levers and wheels for facilitating movement respectively.  It is completely different from automatic actuators. As we know that automatic actuators are having  external power sources that offers force and motion required for operating valve automatically. These actuators are advancement for manual ones. Sometimes manual actuators are not an appropriate option for all the valves which are especially situated in harmful environments.


Hence actuators or valve actuators are widely popular in all over the world. This is the reason why manual actuators are replaced with automatic actuators for securing issues during harmful environments. Moreover these actuators and types are defined clearly as discussed above.

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