CPA – an emerging tool

The Cost-Per-Action or CPA method is one of the latest of advertising technologies, where payment for a service becomes due when a particular activity is performed by a feasible client or customer.  Here, the exposure of the advertiser is extremely restricted as no advances need to be arranged at first. The particular activity could be in the nature of a buy-sell transaction or a booking. In this scenario, the publisher goes out on a limb, as his inflow of incomes are subject to how well the ad offers, or how it changes over into a genuine deal or enlistment.  A typical model of CPA envisages an agreement between the ‘advertiser’ and the ‘publisher’ which lays down the actions which result in a payment from the former to the latter.  In the normal course, when a likely customer converts into a real one either by way of a booking or registration or an actual transaction of purchase, it constitutes an ‘action’, based on which payment has to be made. If you have the inclination to try out this model, here are some of the features you can experience, through offerseven cpa:

  • Service across all mobile operating systems like Android, Windows or iOS
  • Prompt feedback on your ads, round-the-clock service, with customized features of tracking your ads in mobile applications
  • Accurate reporting system to enable you to analyze the data and make suitable additions and alterations in your ads
  • Online hand-holding through totally automated systems, which perform the matching between demand and supply
  • At offerseven cpa we protect your interests – our objective is to ensure your satisfaction through adequate return on your investment
  • We provide a dedicated representative to manage the client’s account and help refine your monetizing targets
  • A comprehensive database of offers from application developers as well as advertisers to boost our client’s business

A friendly platform for CPA:

This platform is a common one for creating a perfect handshake between both the publishers and the advertisers. For the advertisers, the portal offers a basket of trustworthy and reliable publishers as well as 360-degree customer support, in addition to a vast, global market for their products and services. On the other side, for the web and mobile publishers, it offers comprehensive solutions like competitive rates and tech support as well as online feedback on business statistics. This keeps all customers in tune with the business goals and enables them to track their business on a real-time basis.


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