Anasazi Foundation – A Review

A lot of people love the fact that Anasazi foundation is amazingly diverse and accepts and encourages all kinds of religions and beliefs. It gives plentiful time for people to acknowledge what they want and never forces or is insensitive on them. This aims to provide a life changing experience with lesson for the entire life. Its beneficial for both the client as well as the employee as each one learns from the other. It’s the only experience which offers a stay with diverse people coming from different families and backgrounds yet belonging to the same nature and hence the treatment is provided in the open air without using any artificial environment.

During the entire course of wilderness therapy for troubled youth, the clients may come across various problems, they never knew even existed. They have substance abuse issues, they may face medical and emotional issues, all which will definitely have a impact of their moods and behaviors and way of living.  The therapists have a very smart way of dealing with such problems. They have continuous interaction with the clients, and use DBT and other emotionally focused family therapies to treat and solve the issues. Instead of using typical psychological terms, they deal in the Native American form and accent. As they are being dealt in a group, they develop a sense of healthy relationships with peers, the need for a proper structure, sense of responsibility develops and also accountability.

It also focuses on the spiritual aspects, where the clients are given a choice to choose a power higher than them.

All the clients are continuously and closely monitored by the supportive and caring staff. Each of them has a counselor called shadow who is responsible and in charge of that particular client and works with him from the starting to the end of the program. The shadows are well educated and have at least a master’s degree and also good work experience in the field of psychological guidance. The parents can check the performance of their child with these shadows.

The staff also has a family and marriage counselor, social worker, psychiatrists and registered and trained nurses during the wilderness therapy for troubled youth.

The Anasazi Wilderness Program

The anasazi wilderness program is a therapeutic program designed for the treatment of troubled youth and struggling adults. It empowers a person to identify their weakness and help them to analyze themselves and assists them in overcoming their difficulties and provides them with confidence and self esteem.


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